• Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

About this programme

The PGD in Digital Marketing will provide students with specialized knowledge and skills through a rigorous academic study of marketing in the digital landscape. Digital techniques are more important than ever in marketing. And with the growing use of digital techniques comes a growing demand for employees who have the skills to employ these technologies strategically.

Students will discover how businesses use digital marketing and explore a range of topics such as digital strategy, brand management, social media, neuromarketing and marketing analytics. It offers a complete introduction to digital marketing, and takes a close look at a variety of practices and techniques involved with the use of online media and digital tools. The course will develop students’ ability to use digital tools necessary for implementation of marketing strategies. Hands-on sessions will encourage students to apply taught methods within a company, boosting the client base through the use of social media marketing, SEO and other digital marketing techniques.

Digital skills are now essential to the marketing profession, and this course will equip students with both the theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to progress to a range of digital marketing careers. This Postgraduate Diploma is both vocationally and academically oriented to provide opportunities for marketing professionals and general business practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and skills in digital and social media marketing to cope with the challenges and dynamics of the changing market as well as to articulate to Master’s degree programmes with credit exemption.


On completion of the programme, students should be able to

  1. Apply effective marketing communication tools and strategies to build a brand
  2. Critically analyse, evaluate and make judgments about the psychological, social, cultural, technological and economic factors influencing buyer behavior and buyer decision making.
  3. Apply concepts and theories to analyse the influence and effect of advertising.
  4. Implement social media strategies effectively in marketing programmes.
  5. Explore, discuss and evaluate the full potential of the various components of the digital marketing channels including social, mobile, email, microsites, and search engine marketing.
  6. Discuss and critically analyse issues in luxury services, or luxury branding, or fashion retailing, or fashion marketing, or content marketing and corporate communication.


How you will learn

Being a virtual university, the NIU will run this programme purely online by using online live classes through video conferencing, online weekly quizzes and tutorials posted on the courses’ e-learning platform, online simulation tools for practical demonstrations, individual reading assignments, among others.


What you will learn

The PGD in Digital Marketing programme has 7 taught course units where 5 are core courses, and 2 are institutional requirements. Upon successfully passing of the core courses and institutional requirements, the student must write a project report with a topic related to digital marketing discipline.


You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology


Core courses

  1. Marketing Principles
  2. Digital Marketing Essentials
  3. Planning Marketing Campaigns
  4. Principles of Digital and Social Media Marketing
  5. Web Marketing and Analytics
  6. PGD Project


Programme Career Paths

Graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing can work in organizations as digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, SEO executive, social media marketing expert, conversion rate optimizer, SEM specialist and content marketing manager, among others. They can also be prospective candidates for Master of of Digital Marketing and other ICT-related postgraduate programmes.

Price per Term