• Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

About this programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management develops a students’ ability to use digital tools necessary for Implementation of marketing strategies. Digital techniques are more important than ever in marketing. And with the growing use of digital techniques comes a growing demand for employees who have the skills to employ these technologies strategically.

This programme will provide students with specialized knowledge and skills through a rigorous academic study of marketing in the digital landscape. Students will discover how businesses use digital marketing and explore a range of topics such as digital strategy, brand management, social media, neuromarketing and marketing analytics.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management offers a complete introduction to digital marketing, and takes a close look at a variety of practices and techniques involved with the use of online media and digital tools.Hands-on sessions will encourage students to apply taught methods within a company, boosting the client base through the use of social media marketing, SEO and other digital marketing techniques.


On completion of the programme, students should be able to:


  1. Examine critically the discipline of project management, manage the selection and initiation of individual projects and of portfolios of projects in the organization.
  2. Conduct project planning, design, preparation, and appraisal techniques for projects, forecast project costs, timelines, and quality.
  3. Implement processes for successful resource, communication, and risk and change management.
  4. Demonstrate effective organizational leadership and change skills for managing projects, project teams, and stakeholders, focusing particularly on ‘hard’ and soft’ skills for successful project implementation.


How you will learn

Being a virtual university, the NIU will run this programme purely online by using online live classes through video conferencing, online weekly quizzes and tutorials posted on the courses’ e-learning platform, online simulation tools for practical demonstrations, individual reading assignments, among others.


What you will learn

The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management programme has 7 taught course units where 5 are core courses, and 2 are institutional requirements. Upon successfully passing of the core courses and institutional requirements, the student must write a project report with a topic related to project management. The table below provides the structure for the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management.


You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology


Core courses

  1. Project Management Principles
  2. Procurement and Contract Management
  3. Construction Project Management
  4. ICT Project Management
  5. Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  6. PGD Project

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