• Postgraduate Diploma in Data Analytics

About this programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Data Analytics programme focuses on building a capacity of ICT professionals who can plan, design and develop data systems as well as providing the technical support required for such systems to operate in organizations. Large amounts of data are being generated through business processes in organizations.

In this fast-developing digital era, there is no doubt that ICT is the key driver towards achieving either of
the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ICTs also play a key role in financial inclusion, especially in economies of developing countries. Many organizations have adopted ICT and integrated it into their business processes to improve productivity and service delivery and this requires well trained ICT professionals manage this ICT adoption.

Using ICTs to manage the processing and storage of such data is a common practice and it is important that such organizations have the right capacity to manage this data. This postgraduate Diploma in Data Analytics, is very important as it helps to build the capacity of professionals who can specify, design, develop and manage data and as well managing the applications required to support such data analytics.


Upon successful completion of the programme, learners are expected to:

  1. Understand issues associated with data collection, management, provenance, storage, sharing, and preparation.
  2. Use critical thinking skills to translate substantive questions into well-defined computational problems and choose appropriate computational techniques for a given problem.
  3. Use critical thinking skills to translate substantive questions into well-defined statistical or probability problems and choose the appropriate (graphical or numerical) descriptive and/or inferential statistical techniques for a given problem.
  4. Have a firm grasp of the mathematical tools underlying statistical and computational methods.
  5. Clearly justify and communicate study results to a non-technical audience.


How you will learn

Being a virtual university, the NIU will run this programme purely online by using online live classes
through video conferencing, online weekly quizzes and tutorials posted on the courses’ e-learning platform, online simulation tools for practical demonstrations, individual reading assignments, among others.


What you will learn

The Postgraduate Diploma in Data Analysis programme has 7 taught course units where 5 are core courses, and 2 are institutional requirements. Upon successfully passing of the core courses and institutional requirements, the student must write a research paper with a topic related to information systems discipline.


You will study:

NIU Institutional Requirements

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Critical Thinking and Decision Making


PGD Core courses

  1. Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  2. Programming for Data Analytics
  3. Fundamentals of Data Analytics
  4. Data Visualisation and Analysis
  5. Machine Learning Algorithms and Applocations
  6. PGD Project in Data Analytics

Price per Term