• Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

About the PGD in Cyber Security

The PGD in Cyber Security focuses on training students who can be cyber-security professionals. The growth of Internet accessibility and all the associated technologies has enabled many organizations to set up cyber environments for purposes of resource sharing, distributed computing and connectivity to other organization. Such cyber environments are always prone to cyber attacks and this puts the information systems of such organizations at risk.

A cyber security professional is always required to ensure a secure cyber environment. The PGD in Cyber Security programme covers a number of issues including common security threats to cyber environments and how to protect the cyber environment from such threats, design and implementation of cyber surety policies in organizations.

Although cyber environments enhance resource sharing, distributed computing and connectivity to other organizations, they expose the organization’s resources to cyber attacks. It is therefore important that we develop a capacity of cyber security professionals who are aware of the common threats in cyber environments and the most prevailing cyber security interventions to avert such threats, and also can apply existing cyber security policies to manage any threats.


Upon successful completion of the programme, learners are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of threats in cyber environments and the most prevailing cyber security interventions that avert such threats.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to systematically manage, report, and respond appropriately to cyber threats and incidence.
  3. Successfully formulate and ensure implementation of cyber security policies in organizations.


How you will learn

Being a virtual university, the NIU will run this programme purely online by using online live classes through video conferencing, online weekly quizzes and tutorials posted on the courses’ e-learning platform, online simulation tools for practical demonstrations, individual reading assignments, among others.


What you will learn

The Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security programme has 10 taught course units where 6 are core courses, 2 are institutional requirements and 2 are elective/optional courses. Upon successfully passing of the core courses and institutional requirements, the student must write a research paper with a topic related to cyber security discipline.

You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology


Core courses

  1. Database Systems
  2. Information Systems Security
  3. ICT Policy Formulation and Implementation
  4. Information Audit and Security Assurance Principles
  5. Computer Network Security
  6. Wireless and Mobile Systems Security


Elective/Optional Course Units

  1. Intellectual Property Management
  2. Emerging Trends in Cyber Security

Research Paper about Cyber Security (Mandatory)

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