• Bachelor of Business Administration & Management

About the Bachelor of Business Administration & Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration & Management (BBAM) Program of Nexus International University is a three-year program of 129 credit units, which admits Advanced level holders (for the 3-year programme), Diploma and Higher Diploma level graduates (for the 2-year programme) who have work experience in business enterprise. The programme aims at building on the competences attained at work and/or the Diploma and Higher Diploma levels, which are career-centric or vocational in nature into the Bachelor’s level where the graduate’s theoretical context, critical thinking and conceptual frames are essentially broadened and applied to refine and enhance their professional practices in business development and management.

What You Will Study in the Bachelor of Business Administration & Management

The program features a challenging variety of core modules such as Economics for Business, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Taxation management and many others intended to give students the theoretical basis, technological awareness and social responsibility needed for developing, operating and advancing a business. At this Bachelor’s level, the learners shall be facilitated to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that are essential in advancing to leadership roles in a variety of settings and businesses.

Specialisation Modules

BBAM Accounting


BBAM Project Management


BBAM Supply Chain Management

BBAM Oil & Gas Management


BBAM Marketing


BBAM Human Resource


BBAM Entrepreneurship & Innovation



Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Research Methodology
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Foundational Modules (Mandatory)

    • Economics for Business
    • Business Management
    • ICT for Business
    • Financial Accounting & Reporting
    • Marketing Principles
    • Human Resource & Organizational Development
    • Quantitative Techniques for Business
    • Business Ethics & Human Rights
    • Business Finance
    • Procurement Management
    • Business and Customer Communications
    • Operations Management
    • Cost & Management Accounting
    • Strategic Management
    • Taxation Management
    • Business law


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