About NIU

About NIU

Created as Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) back in 2011, NEXUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (NIU) is Africa’s Premier Virtual University created in 2011, accredited by the Ugandan National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). All its degree, diploma, and professional certification courses are delivered exclusively online and via live virtual lectures by very qualified and experience lecturer  of different nationalities teaching from various locations around the world.

Originally thought of with Uganda in mind, the success of the university and the patronage it got beyond Uganda led to management deciding on the change of name to Nexus International University to reflect its more international outlook, and fits better it’s mission to “deliver Africa’s education future” leveraging technology. For an extended pilot period, the university offered only postgraduate courses, and was able to serve students from 17 different countries. Hundreds of students cherish and have taken advantage of the flexibility and freedom NIU’s virtual and online model offers them.

COVID 19, came and further confirmed that NIU’s model is the most appropriate solution for higher education in Africa. While institutions were closed, NIU students, studying from different countries, continued with their lectures and sat their exams.

NIU vision is to be “Africa’s global university”. Its model has removed the constraint of place, and every African can obtain international standard credentials from wherever they are, at their own pace. What’s more, NIU offers affordable and flexible pricing. Africa’s enrolment today is less than 17%, way below the global average; NIU’s model is the solution to rapidly and exponentially improving this score.

With NIU, students’ study for:

           •Postgraduate Degrees
           •Postgraduate Diplomas
           •Undergraduate Degrees
           •Professional short courses

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Our mission​

 To achieve excellence in tertiary education provision through providing quality programmes of the highest standards to students who will contribute to positive development in society.


Our objective

To train professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the positive development of their country in the sectors that are, and will be, vital not only to Uganda but also to the region, in the coming decades.

Our ambition

It is our ambition to provide the quality of post-graduate education to meet the needs of the citizens of Uganda and our neighbours in East Africa and the African region.


Mr. Grayson Nash

Mr. Greg coleman

Mr. Patrick Bitature

Prof. Charles Olweny

Mr. Matthias Magoola

Mr. Walter Ogwal


Prof. Magnus Amajirionwu

Ag. VC,DVC AA / Chairman of Senate

Dr. Alex Opio

Dean, School of Post-Graduate Studies

Dr. Anthony Tibaingana

Academic Staff Representative

Dr. Xavier Nsabagasani

Director, Research and Quality Assurance

Diana Kizza

Vice-president, student representative on Senate

Ms. Ndagire Victoria

Senior Assistant Registrar



University licence granted

Provisional licence to operate as the private university granted by the National Council for Higher Education, Uganda


New Chancellor appointed

Lady Justice Flavia Senoga installed as the first Chancellor


First programmes launched

Public Health and International Development programmes approved for teaching


New Vice Chancellor appointed

Professor Michel Lejeune appointed as the second Vice Chancellor 


MBA programme launched

NIU responds to the demand by introducing an online Executive MBA programme


Corporate Academy opens

Responding to industry demands, NIU introduces a portfolio of short courses through Corporate Academy


First graduation takes place

NIU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health, Executive MBA and International Development at the first NIU graduation


NIU gains new owners

Educational Capital Funding Ltd acquires NIU


New Vice Chancellor appointed

Prof. Everd B. Maniple PHD appointed as the new Vice Chancellor


Chancellor re-appointed

Lady Justice Flavia Senoga is re-appointed as Chancellor


Third graduation takes place

NIU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health, ICT4D, Executive MBA and International Development at the third NIU graduation


NIU born


First Vice Chancellor appointed

Professor Deirdre Carabine appointed the First Vice Chancellor


First student cohort

NIU admits its first students  to Public Heath and International Development programmes 


New programme launched: ICT4D

Aligning to strategic priorities for Uganda and East Africa Region, NIU launches Information Communications Technology for Development programme


Second graduation takes place

NIU celebrates the achievements of the students from Public Health and International Development at the first NIU graduation


New website launched

NIU marketing team launch a new responsive and interactive website


New Marketing director appointed

Mr. Brian Ntambirweki is appointed as the first Marketing Director at NIU


4th Graduation Ceremony is held

14th December 2018. Students receive awards for postgraduate diplomas and masters programmes.